Wednesday, August 22

I see your 4 & raise you a 5, K?

So let's point out the obvious...that Post title is pretty lame. No? These are the things that pop in my head. Stupid, stupid things that I often chuckle at. Nay, LAUGH at.
ok, now that that is out in the open, we can move on.

This past weekend we got outta Dodge & headed a few hours NorthWest to our dear friends, the Martins. Oh how we adore the Martins. What's not to adore- they are funny, they are nice, they are fun, their daughter is a gem & they let us stay at their house whenever we want. Our trek was for 2 reasons. First: they are the ones that talked us into doing a 5K (remember I mentioned it a while back in this post?). Well we needed to be at the starting line at 8:30am Saturday morning. And the second reason was really more of a BONUS reason... there is this thing called The Dream Cruise. Its an annual event where car crazy people hole up in/around our town all week & on the weekend they drive their (mostly, but not always, sometimes not even close to) classic/specialty cars up & down a certain road for miles. A certain road that we just happen to live off of. Which means we can't leave our house if we stay in town. Therefore we leave town. We have taken to calling it Nightmare Cruise. And it's not a little event either, it's huge. Like millions of people huge. Like celebrities have been known to come (like Jay Leno!) huge. Like a lot of Local Businesses just shut down for the weekend because you can't get to their store & there is literally NO parking for miles because the lots are all rented out HUGE.

Ok, moving on. Back to the 5K. We said in May we would start training for this. Take it seriously. Do our best. Well...we managed to do 1 out of the 3. We did out best. And you know wasn't half bad! My last 2 races I finished in 51 mins. I said I wanted to do this race in 45. I thought that was a reasonable goal seeing as how I didn't really condition myself for it. Well I didn't make it in 45...I made it in 39.16!!! And the Hubs was a RockStar & finished just ahead of me in 39.09...and that was pushing 50lbs of kid in a double bike trailer!!! Then we all celebrated, napped & relaxed the rest of the day. We headed out Sunday morning so we could get home in time to see my WONDERFUL Grandmother before she left town. She came in for the weekend to watch my smartypants cousin graduate from UofM's accelerated Nursing Program. On a sad note, it was also the day I had to say goodbye to my smartypants niece before she heads North 4 hours to Ferris State for their Honors Pharmaceutical Program. That's all I can say about that...or I will cry...more...

Overall another jam-packed, fun filled weekend!

Here are a few highlights from the weekend:
We're so awesome at doing 5K's that we even
walked the 1/2 mile there, and back! That's an extra mile folks.
Turns out...this is a pretty big race. There were so
many runners it took over a minute just to get to the starting line!
The Hubby, stretching out. Work it baby.
Meet the Martins!
Post Race & feelin good :)
These two did SO good in the trailer!
Know what happens when your son poops/pukes
all over all of his packed clothes? You borrow some
hand me downs from your hosts & get a daughter for the day ;)
Oh Yeah, and THIS!!! He is sitting. On his OWN!!
I was able to finish an embroidery project for a friend :)
(I used this pin she posted as a template.)
This is what happens when you start to celebrate after
the kiddos hit the hay & somehow start talking about
 how crazy scientology thing leads to another
& you're checking your electric output...
Cheers!! We did it!
The boys & I with their BisNonna.
(Don't mind 'J', he was a little annoyed to have
to stop playing to pose for a picture.)
My last picture with my college-bound niece!
There you have it, a looksee at how we spend our free time :)


  1. NO he is not sitting?!?!!!!! ps. rock on with your bad joggin selves xo

  2. I forgot to tell you I love the title on this one.


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