Tuesday, August 28

Clean Yo' House Up Tuesday- Vol 5

This week I found myself with plans today. A play date, at MY house. Can you see the issues here? Not only would that mean that I wouldn't be able to run around all day cleaning, but I needed my house clean BEFORE Tuesday. The solution?

I wrote up 'the list' and got it all done yesterday so that we were ready for for our guests this morning. I didn't want to miss out on 20 Chore Tuesday though, so I'm still linking up with Emily at Joyful Abode!

Here's 'the list' I worked on yesterday:

3-Vacuum back room
4-Wash tablecloth
5-Reset table
6-Clean off coffee table & side table
7-Dust living & dining room
8-Vacuum couch
9-Clean couch
10-Vacuum front porch
11-Work on Fall Mantle

12-Put away all clothes
13-Straighten master BR
14-Clean 'J's BR
15-Clean 'A's BR
16-Change Master sheets
17-Change 'J's sheets
18-Change 'A's sheets
19-Sweep hall & steps

20-Work on meal plan for the week
21-Grocery Shop
22-Wash diapers
23-Measure mantle for bunting
24-Gather items for return
25-Write blog post (Obviously this one got marked off...you're reading it now!)

Not gonna lie, Monday MADNESS was a little hard after the fulltothebrim weekend we had (which included a family field trip, family photo session with Anne Kern Photography & our Baby Group 2nd Bday Bash!). But all in all I'm glad I still got off my bum & got the job done!
Now that you've seen my list, show me yours! Link up over at Joyful Abode so we can all cheer you on!! And leave a comment below to let me know you did so I can give you a virtual HIGH FIVE! What's that? You don't have a blog to link up? Now worries, you can post your WHOLE LIST in a comment below! Come on...give in to peer pressure...do it...DOOOO ittt!
20 chore tuesday

Post Script- If you are going to clean your couch, I suggest doing it like a normal person at night so it can dry while you sleep. Do NOT do it like me, at 10am so you have no where to sit all day. Lesson Learned.


  1. Wow! Your list is crazy long! Hooray and high fives for you for getting all of that done in one day!!! AMAZING! I'm already happy if I get 15-17 of my list of 20 done... lol...
    Enjoy a relaxed day today! you deserve it!
    Oh, and love your P.S.... thats the kind of stuff I do, too! duh...

  2. Woo-hoo for a completed to-do list!!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness I cannot believe you got all of that done!!!!! Amazing! I hope you had a great playdate. :)


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